Fujimoto FT-1 MB LIMITED Custom Iron Set


 Fujimoto FT-1 MB LIMITED Custom Iron Set With only 72 sets made world wide, this is something you will want...

Set Makeup: 4-PW

Vendor: Fujimoto
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 Fujimoto FT-1 MB LIMITED Custom Iron Set

With only 72 sets made world wide, this is something you will want to pick up before they are gone! Each set comes with a commemorative box, exclusive serial numbers and Fujimoto ferrules. 

Fujimoto Golf has worked with numerous Japanese tour players to establish the new MB design in its most sophisticated modern / classic silhouette. With countless R&D and prototype making, the club is refined to meet the highest expectation on tour for the ultimate performance and feel. Each head is crafted with care by the hands of the Fujimoto family, including our signature 72 hour super slow cooling (annealing) that creates the distinct "Fujimoto Feel" we are renowned for.

**This item is a custom built iron set and the listing is for the heads only. Shafts must be purchased and built with the set.**

At time of purchase, please add your desired shafts and include any build specs in your order notes. 


After purchase, you will be contacted for your build specs and requested shaft (if not purchased together).



The Fujimoto Feel

Each and every head in the FT line, are re-heated once again after the forging and rested in a tempered straw ash for 72 hours.


Stage 1: Fresh Forged

The forging stress and fast cooling from the forging process cause the micro metal structure (grains) to be distorted.


Stage 2: Reheat

At our factory, we place the heated heads inside a container filled with natural straw ash. This is a traditional blacksmith technique used for generations among the Japanese blacksmiths.


Stage 3: Perfection

After a long 3-day cooling process, all the metal structure within the head is re-structured evenly, creating the premium feel.