Demo Program FAQs

What club manufacturers are available?

We stock Proto Concept, Fourteen and Fujimoto (with more on the way!). To see what is available for rent, please check our demo clubs page.

Do you have graphite options?

Yes! We offer KBS and LA Golf in graphite options.

How long is my rental good for?

Each rental is 1 week (not including shipping time) but can be extended on a week-by-week basis. This can be selected when adding your products to the cart.

What shaft brands are available?

We offer standard and premium shaft options:

Standard ($10/ shaft): KBS (steel and graphite) and Nippon

Premium ($15/ shaft): LA Golf

How am I able to switch club heads and shafts?

Each club and shaft are equipped with an All-Fit iron adapter. The two pieces screw into each other with the use of an included wrench to offer countless options/ combinations for demo!

What length/ loft/ lie will the club be?

Due to the nature of a demo and the flexibility offered by our All-Fit adapters, we have to offer each demo at standard length, loft, and lie.

What swingweight will the clubs be?

We've done our best to ensure each club is around D2 swingweight. Unfortunately, with varying head weights, it's nearly impossible to have each club the same.

Will I be responsible for damages?

Each customer will be charged a pre-authorization (credit card hold) at checkout for the full cost of the rented heads/ shafts. This allows us to charge you if there are damages or repairs. Your credit card is not charged unless something happens and the pre-authorization is lifted once the clubs are returned.

What if I'm local?

We love our locals! Feel free to swing by the shop to pick up your demo and save on shipping costs! Your checkout process will be the same as if you were shipping the clubs, but at checkout, simply select "pick-up" and we will arrange a time convenient for you!

Do you offer refunds on demos?

We do not offer refunds (unless there is an issue), but if you end up purchasing a set from us, your rental fee will be applied toward the purchase of your new set! This does not include the shipping fee.

How do you store my payment information?

Our store is Shopify based with a plugin that handles the demo side of the business. We never touch (nor do we want to!) your credit card information. It is safe and secure through Shopify's payment processing system.