Fourteen Golf TC-7 Irons *Demo Rental*


 **Please read description** Rental cost is for the head only, shaft rental is required. All heads and shafts are on...

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 **Please read description**

  • Rental cost is for the head only, shaft rental is required.
  • All heads and shafts are on an adapter system and easily swapped out!
  • All demo iron heads are only available in 7 Iron.
  • A deposit is required for each demo product rented.
  • The rental period is for one week upon receipt of the demo(s)
  • Demos are only available in the continental United States Only!

**A refundable deposit of $150 is required for this rental (on top of the rental fee).**


    Aspen Golf Direct has the only demo program featuring top Japanese manufacturers!

    We have a full selection of Iron and Wedge options from Miura, Proto Concept, Fujimoto, and Fourteen Golf.

    With shaft options from Fujikura, LA Golf, Nippon, KBS, Project X, Dynamic Gold, and BGT. All demo clubs have adapters so you can rent multiple heads and shafts to find the perfect fit!


    Fourteen TB-7 Custom Iron Set


    Theater blade structure

    Adopted in the first TB-5 FORGED in the series, the TB-7 FORGED is also equipped with a theater blade structure that improves the feel of hitting.

    The cavity step in the back face is removed which allows the face thickness to flow naturally in the curved shape of a theater creating an optimal center of gravity and a reduction in vibrations transmitted to the hands. The soft feel is further enhanced by the use of soft material S20C mild steel. This fulfills the need of golfers for an optimally balanced iron featuring both feel and forgiveness.


    TB-7 FORGED has a smaller head size than TB-5 FORGED, which places the extra weight in the theater blade.

    By making it thicker, it realizes a more cored soft iron forging feel.
    Increased feedback in the hands, with pure, pronounced feeling as to where you hit it on the face.

    Soft iron integrated forging Specs in the middle

    Head size that is neither too small nor too large. Sole width that is neither too narrow nor too wide.
    Neck shape that is neither too straight nor too offset.


    Head : Forged / Soft Steel (S20C)Finish : Nickel Chrome Satin

    Set : #4 – PW

    Shaft :
    (Steel) N.S. PRO MODUS3 T105 (S/106.5g)
    (Steel) N.S. PRO 950GH HT (S/98g, R/94.5g)