Fujimoto Hand-Engraved Iura Custom Built Wedge


**This item is a custom built iron set and the listing is for the heads only. Shafts must be purchased and...

Loft: 48.06

Vendor: Fujimoto
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**This item is a custom built iron set and the listing is for the heads only. Shafts must be purchased and built with the set.**

At time of purchase, please add your desired shafts and include any build specs in your order notes. 


After purchase, you will be contacted for your build specs and requested shaft (if not purchased together).

Fujimoto Hand Engraved Iura Wedge


Katsuo Iura.

One of the most respected hand engraver in Japan, also known as the man who engraved the famous Peacemaker.


It all started when…

Katsuya Fujimoto - the second generation and current president, is an artist from the soul. His appreciation for art and craftsmanship does not only stay within golf but expands to western firearm engravings. Meeting Japan’s most appreciated engraver Katsuo Iura’s work was one of his most inspiring moments in his life as a craftsman. He immediately felt a strong connection with him through his work. Katsuya Fujimoto explained “I immediately knew when I saw his work that we share the same spirit. I am not equipped with steady hands and patience like him, but I can feel the devotion towards his art work just like how I am to my work.” 

Katsuo Iura stepped into the world of engraving in 1962 and worked as the right-hand man of the late Master Shirou Ogawa. The name of Katsuo Iura became popular amongst the gun and rifle world when he was commissioned to engrave John Wayne’s famous Peacemaker. Shortly after, he opened the doors of his own private studio in Tokyo in 1972. Till this day, Katsuo Iura strictly engraves only by hand, ringing a pleasant tapping sound throughout the studio with his chisel and hammer.