Docus Golf Revolution Custom Built Driver


**This item is a custom built club and the listing is for the head only. Shaft must be purchased and...

Loft: 9.5*

Vendor: Docus Golf
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**This item is a custom built club and the listing is for the head only. Shaft must be purchased and built with the club.**

At time of purchase, please add your desired shaft and include any build specs in your order notes. 


After purchase, you will be contacted for your build specs and requested shaft (if not purchased together).




Introducing the world’s first golf driver with a Tungsten Rubber Weight, designed for strong trajectory and optimal spin. By incorporating  the Tungsten Rubber Weight into the back of the sole, this driver generates a powerful launch. The sole’s Spin Control pocket helps reduce excess spin, producing a recommended spin rate of approximately 2000 RPM. In addition, the unique Quattro H structure from DOCUS enhances the body’s rigidity while allowing the face to flex, increasing initial ball speed.

With three weight ports and an adjustable hosel, this driver enables players to fine-tune their trajectory and ball flight. The tungsten rubber weighting enhances impact from the rear, while the high body rigidity allows for greater face flex, resulting in exceptional distance and accuracy.


*The world’s first Tungsten rubber weighting for a powerful launch and optimal spin.                                               *Spin Control pocket on the sole helps reduce excess spin, while the Quattro H structure increases body rigidity and   face flex, resulting in greater initial ball speed.                                                                                              *Adjustable 2, 3 and 5g interchangeable weights added MOI and support preferred spin and bias settings, making it a  versatile choice for golfers of all skill levels.                                                                                                   *Adjustable Hosel to set your preferred Lie & Face Angle and Loft adjustment.



Assembled in JAPAN
Head Material Body/Ti
Face/ 6-4Ti
Manufacturing process Casting, Black IP
Loft(°) 9.5/10.5(±1 degree variable)
Lie(°) 61(±1 degree variable)
Volume(cc) 455
Head Weight(g) About 199g (with sleeve)
Attached Weight 2g(S)*2,3g(L)*1
Remark Accessories Head cover, Wrench, Sleeve
Other *Notation data is designed numerical value.
Please understand that the measured value may be slightly different from the design value.
*We are not provide to customer as only head.
TRNITY (S) Flex R / SR / S
Shaft Weight(g) 60.5 (S)
Club Length(Inch) 45.25
Balance D1
Kick-Point W-Kick
Torque(°) 3.0
Total Weight(g) About 308g(±3)
Slugger T2 (S) Flex R / SR / S
Shaft Weight(g) 58(S)
Club Length(Inch) 45.25
Balance D1
Kick-Pint Mid(S)
Torque(°) 4.3
Total Weight(g) About 305g(±3)