Progress Golf BB6 MB02 Custom Built Driver


  **This item is a custom built club and the listing is for the head only. Shaft must be purchased...

Loft: 9.5

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**This item is a custom built club and the listing is for the head only. Shaft must be purchased and built with the club.**

At time of purchase, please add your desired shaft and include any build specs in your order notes. 


After purchase, you will be contacted for your build specs and requested shaft (if not purchased together).


Progress Golf BB6-MB02

The bellows structure that characterizes the BB series is inherited from BB4. The bellows effect is a force that causes the bellows on the head side to contract in response to the impact force given by the impact, and the bellows apply repulsive force to the ball, pushing the ball toward the target.

The BB6 MB-02 has a structure that allows the repulsion to concentrate more on the ball by leaving only the bellows in the center.

This is a driver that is expected to have a longer flight distance with a center hit than the BB6 driver. The effect of MB-02 cannot be obtained on off-center hits.

The design looks different from BB6, but the bellows are hidden inside the carbon.

By using carbon with a light specific gravity, the center of gravity of the head is lowered, making it easier for the ball to rise and increasing flight time.

Accessories: Head cover

Sole screw weight standard 8g
Screw weight sold separately


Loft 9.5 10.5
Lie 59.0° 59.0°
Volume cc 460
Weight g 198
Face Angle° Open 1 0
Material Face:ZAT158 Titanium