Fitting Services

With over 10 years of fitting and custom-build experience, we are confident we can find the perfect set for you!

We currently offer mobile fitting services in the Orlando Metro area. Please call or message us directly to schedule your next fitting!
Premium Fitting Options
Iron Fitting
Complete iron set fitting focusing on your strengths and weakness in your current game. We will check loft, lie, length and grip size to ensure your new set is built to YOUR game!
(Roughly 1-1.5 hours)
Shaft Fitting
Shaft-focused fitting for those that already have one of the iron heads we offer. 
(Roughly 1-1.5 hours)
Wedge Fitting
Similar to our iron fitting, the wedge fitting will go through your entire game to focus on what you like and don't like about your current wedges. We will recommend the best loft and lie for your wedges along with the optimal bounce/ grind for your game

(Roughly 1 hour)

Demo Time (Self-Fitting)
You have our entire fitting arsenal at your disposal! We will be there to guide you through the options, but won't go through our standard fitting procedures. This gives more autonomy to our customers that would prefer to just test or demo clubs at their own pace. 

(1-2 hrs of demo time)

Our Fitting Process

Our process is a little different than most, but that's what makes it great! We firmly believe a fitting should be done on what you will actually hit your clubs on, GRASS! This ensures you like the turf interaction of your clubs and you are able to see the true ball flight of your shots.

We want you to walk away feeling great about your outcome and will take the additional time needed. That's our no-rush promise!

Location Options

We have partnerships with Orange County National GC, Bad Dog Driving Range and Tee It Up Driving Range to offer opportunities close to you!


We utilize a Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitor for all of our fittings. The accuracy of this tool rivals Trackman, GC Quad, and other higher-end products. So, rest assured your shot feedback will be accurate!

Iron/ Wedge Options

Sticking with our Japanese Only business model, we offer heads from the following companies:

-Proto Concept (RH Only)

-Fourteen Golf (RH & LH)

-Fujimoto (RH & LH)

-Docus Design (RH & LH)

-Honma (RH Only)

Shaft Options

We offer a full array of flexes and models from the following manufacturers:



-True Temper

Project X


-LA Golf